Vanquish Fat Removal

Vanquish Fat Removal is a new state of the art, non-invasive Fat Removal and Fat Reduction procedure that eliminates unwanted “belly” fat.  Vanquish uses Safe RF Technology to destroy fat cells. Vanquish can help you lose 2-4″ in 4-6 treatments.

Vanquish Fat Removal helps Eliminate Fat

Vanquish can eliminate Fat without the “side effects” associated with Liposuction or Gastric Bypass. This new procedure does not require anaesthesia or the risk since Vanquish is non-invasive there is no risk of infection or downtime.

Vanquish Fat Removal is Easier Than Cool Sculpt

The Vanquish procedure takes 30 minutes, you can return to work immediately without interrupting your personal or professional lifestyle. Our doctors recommend 4 treatments to enjoy the maximum benefits.

Are there any side effects?

Vanquish has minimal side effects, these may include redness of the skin and a slight warm sensation at the treatment site, there has been no reported pain following the procedure.

Vanquish Fat Removal Cost

Vanquish Fat Removal costs less than Cool Sculpt, Liposuction and Invasive weight loss surgical procedures. The cost of Vanquish fat Removal is from £250 per session.

How many treatments are needed?

During your consultation, the practitioner will decide how many sessions you will need for maximum fat reduction and the cost for each session or a package price for all sessions. On average 4 to 6 sessions are needed to space 7 to 10 days apart.

The Vanquish Fat Removal Advantage

  • Vanquish treatments cover larger areas than Cool Sculpting technology.
  • Vanquish is less expensive than other Non-Invasive procedures.
  • Vanquish Fat Removal is No-Touch and Non-Invasive, unlike other fat reduction procedures.
  • Vanquish only takes 45 minutes and has no restrictions or limitations after the procedure.