Our experienced team of Aestheticians and Nurses will listen carefully to your concerns and advise you on the most suitable and effective solution in order to achieve your individual beauty goals.

Our extensive range of non-surgical body treatments will give you a great amount of options to choose from, according to your own needs.



Our extensive range of non-surgical body treatments will give you a great amount of options to choose from, according to your own needs.

Lymphatic Drainage

At Harley Skin & Laser Clinic

Detox the body, unwind the mind Rid the body of toxins Improve circulation Reduce the appearance of cellulite.

No Of Sessions:

Treatment Time:
30 - 60 mins

Recovery Time:

From £35

From time to time the body and the mind are in need of some extra care and attention. Lymphatic drainage treatments – or Lymphastim, as it is often called – provides that much-needed thorough detox of the body.

It’s incredible how some treatments feel like indulgent pampering when they’re actually working hard to improve the way you look and feel. The procedure consists of a carefully-regulated pressure massage, which stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage. This effectively induces the elimination of toxins and waste products.

Such a boost in internal activity also encourages fat molecules to move away from cellulite tissue, to then be oxidised (burn) by muscles and other organs. Lymphastim capably cleanses the body and minimises the appearance of cellulite.

Lymphatic drainage helps to speed up your body’s natural healing process and improves the appearance of cellulite and accelerating metabolism. It can help shape and tone your body, reduce inflammation, relieve ‘heavy legs syndrome’ and prevent the appearance of varicose veins. It is ideal after flights and for post-surgery recovery and also complements our body−contouring procedures including Fat Reduction with Vanquish ME.

Many clients enjoy a Facial or Skin Peel or LED Light Therapy while having Lymphastim. Lymphatic drainage is one of the most relaxing treatments available at Harley Skin and Laser. Simply lie down and unwind.

Conditions we Treat

  • Cellulite prevention
  • Poor circulation
  • Heavy leg syndrome
  • Swollen tired legs
  • Post liposuction
  • Post workout regeneration
  • Individual results may vary.

Our Step By Step Guide To Treatments

Step 1:
Nothing is more important to Harley Skin and Laser aestheticians than your health and well being. During your initial consultation, we will talk through your medical history to ensure that Lymphastim is the most suitable treatment for you. The appointment also provides a great opportunity for you to ask us any pressing questions. We always answer honestly and openly.
Share your concerns and goals
Discuss Lymphastim step−by−step
Prepare a personalised procedure plan
Step 2:
During Your Treatment
Once you are comfortable in one of our relaxing treatment rooms, you will be able to unwind for the entirety of your appointment. Lie back in the Harley Skin and Laser Lymphastim suit. Your Aesthetician will position the chambers contained within a sleeve−like garment around your limbs. The suit will expand and deflate, delivering your carefully customised pressure massage. Many choose to pair the procedure with a facial, LED Light Therapy or skin peel for the ultimate in relaxation.
Calm, contemporary clinical environment
Quick procedure of less than one hour
Cash in on some much−needed me time
Step 3:
After The Treatment
Following Lymphastim, you will be able to go about your day as normal. To see the best results from your treatment, drink plenty of water to aid optimum Lymphatic drainage. Always follow aftercare advice as provided by Harley Skin & Laser.
No downtime, immediate recovery
See results gradually over a few weeks
Enjoy a cleansed body and calmed mind

Frequently Asked Questions

For the majority of clients, Lymphastim feels completely comfortable. In fact, it is one of the most calming procedures available at Harley Skin and Laser . Many choose to pair the procedure with a facial, LED Light Therapy or skin peel for the ultimate in relaxation.

If you are in any doubt about whether Lymphastim is the right treatment for you, speak with one of our specialist aestheticians. We provide a thorough consultation, during which you can share your individual concerns. Together, we can prepare a procedure plan, tailored to your unique requirements.

Pressotherapy is a compression technique designed to help improve overall circulation and tone up the circulatory system for faster detoxification and elimination, giving clients a horde of health and wellness benefits. This is a revolutionary process that promotes the body’s natural functions.

Pressotherapy is designed to increase the venous and lymphatic flow and enhance extra fluid clearance.

A computer-controlled pump inflates the individual sections of the multi- chambered garments, which are positioned around the limbs. The pump inflates each chamber of the garment individually. Once a chamber has been inflated, its pneumatic circuit closes. This enables the pump to maintain the preset level and avoid the balancing of pressure with the other chambers. When one chamber is inflated, this causes an increase in pressure of the previously inflated chamber, creating an Automatic Double Pressure Gradient.

Pressure massage can improve the circulation of blood throughout the body increasing oxygen. Helps remove metabolic waste and can be beneficial in decreasing blood pressure.

Pressotherapy can help increase lymph circulation, aids in the elimination of metabolic wastes, stimulates the immune system, and enhance Endermologie treatment of lymphatic drainage.

Massage stimulates and tones muscles and joints, and strengthens connective tissues. Aids in relaxation, relieves fatigue and provides relief from muscle spasms. The massage stimulates motor nerve points, alleviates stress and tension, and promotes a feeling a well being.

Massage increases the supply of blood to the skin nourishing tissues and thus facilitating regeneration.

  • Improves circulation and venous problems (eg Varicose and spider Veins)
  • Reduces bloating and swelling
  • Improves skin oxygenation
  • Improves skin tone and firmness
  • Shapes the legs
  • Immediate relief and comfort for heavy legs, water retention, and poor circulation
  • Body shaping and profiling
  • Weight management
  • Pre and post liposuction treatment
  • Reduces localized lipolytic edema
  • Relieves leg pain and swelling
For best results, it is recommended that clients receive a series of treatments, ranging from 8-15 treatments, depending on specific individual needs.
For the procedure, a patient comfortably lies down on the treatment couch. Depending upon the area of application, the whole body or an area in question, specific suits are put on a patient: long boots for legs, a wide belt for abdomen and hips, long gloves for arms. The Pressotherapy suit is connected to air supplies, through a device, which controls a compressed air feed to the suit, in accordance with an installed program. The air circulating in the suit effectively impacts the problem body areas, edemas, and stimulating metabolism and blood flow. This effect is achieved by an accurately measured high and low pressure alternation.
Lymphastim is a state-of-the-art device which is primarily used for the therapeutic treatment of lymphoedema of the extremities as well as to generally improve blood flow to the extremities. The device functions on the principle of intermittent pneumatic compression, also known as pressotherapy. The extremity to be treated is inserted into an inflatable sleeve whicht hen massages the extremity when the sleeve is filled with compressed air, regulated by the control unit, via a system of hoses. Each of sleeves consists of a series of mutually independent air chambers that are inflated in a predefined cycle according to the needs of the client. Many studies have shown that intermittent pneumatic pressotherapy is a very effective tool in the treatment of a client’s lymphatic system disorder(s).