Dermalux LED Light Therapy

Dermalux® treatment uses clinically proven wavelengths delivered at the optimised intensity and dose enabling effective photobiomodulation of targeted cells and skin tissue with proven results.

Dermalux® Blue 415nm 

Spot prone and flushing skin will benefit from this blemish fighting blue light.  Blue LED light destroys the bacteria which causes spots and helps in the prevention of breakouts.

Exposure to Blue light at 415nm interacts with the p.acnes bacteria creating a photodynamic reaction which results in bacterial destruction. It also helps to balance oil and sebum production and improve skin clarity. Applied in combination with Red and Near Infrared light, the Dermalux® Tri-Wave treatment offers enhanced anti-blemish results and is excellent as a post-treatment procedure to help minimise breakouts and reduce redness. 

• Blemish fighting action without irritation

• Helps spot prone skin

• Balances oil production

• Improves skin clarity

Dermalux® Red 633nm

Skin Rejuvenating Red light accelerates cell renewal and repair, boosting collagen and elastin synthesis for smoother firmer skin.

Exposure to Red light at 633nm is clinically proven to increase the body’s natural form of cellular energy (ATP) which in turn "kick starts" cells to regenerate faster. Red light is potently absorbed by fibroblasts increasing collagen and elastin synthesis and boosting natural hydration levels. It also improves blood flow for increased tissue oxygenation and the lymphatic systems to eliminate toxins. Red light offers immediate visible results; skin feels hydrated and plump and radiance is restored. 

• Increases collagen and elastin synthesis

• Reduces fine lines

• Improves complexion, texture and tone 

• Increases natural hydration

• Stimulates circulation and lymphatic system

• Revitalises and restores radiance

Dermalux® Near Infrared 830nm

Repairing Near Infrared light is the most deeply absorbed wavelength and works synergistically with Red light for optimum rejuvenation results.  Exposure to Near Infrared light at 830nm triggers the skins anti-inflammatory processes to accelerate repair and reduce irritation and redness. Near Infrared light builds strength and integrity for compromised, environmentally damaged and sensitive skin conditions. It is also clinically effective in the treatment of age spots and hyperpigmentation. 

• Advanced skin rejuvenation benefits

• Relieves redness and irritation and psoriasis

• Reduces pigmentation

• Promotes healthy skin

• Ideal for the most sensitive skins

Dermalux® Tri-Wave Therapy

For advanced results, Dermalux® uniquely enables these beneficial wavelengths to be delivered as either individual treatments or simultaneously to target multiple problems in each session. This enables a more bespoke approach, extends the range of treatment options available and ensures superior results with reduced treatment time.

• Targets multiple indications in one session

• Increases efficacy and accelerates results 

• Extends the range of treatment options

• Enables a bespoke treatment approach

Real Results with Dermalux®

Following a single Dermalux® treatment, clients can expect immediate improvement in skin tone, hydration and overall radiance which will continue in the following days. Redness and irritation is calmed. However, most changes occur naturally over a course of treatment.

The number of treatments required for optimum results is subject to a number of factors including indication, lifestyle factors and other procedures that may be included in the overall treatment programme. This will be assessed during the consultation. Results with LED Phototherapy are cumulative and a course of treatments taken in close succession is recommended for optimum results. Results can last for several months and regular maintenance treatments offer lasting improvement in the appearance and health of the skin.