The Teosyal dermal filler range was launched in the UK in 2005 and is manufactured in Switzerland by Teoxane Laboratories and distributed in the UK by Lifestyle Aesthetics. It consists of several monophasic hyaluronic acid based products of non-animal origin, which are highly biocompatible, offering patients immediate results which last 9 months on average.  TEOSYAL® consists of a range of products which can restore facial volume, re-define and augment lips, repair cutaneous depressions and revitalise the dermis.

The types of Teosyal used are:

The choice of dermal filler requires careful consideration and is decided by the nurse at your consultation according to your skin appearance and the effect you wish to create. The amount of dermal filler used is dependent upon the degree of wrinkling and the site being treated. Sometimes a combination treatment may be recommended with botox.

The procedure is straightforward and takes approximately 30-45 minutes. The area is first numbed with a local anaesthetic cream or injection. The dermal filler is then injected in specific areas. Some mild redness or swelling usually occurs in the treated area. These effects typically resolve in two or three days. Rarely, the redness may last longer and there can also be some bruising. The cosmetic results are immediate and the effects last about 9 months.

In our Staffordshire MediSpa we aim for a “natural” look and avoid excessive treatment as most clients want a gradual improvement and to minimise the risk of swelling or bruising.

Teosyal Meso

Rehydration of the dermis

Teosyal First Lines

Surface wrinkles, crows’ feet

Teosyal Touch Up

Medium wrinkles, all areas

Teosyal Global Action

Medium wrinkles, all areas

Teosyal Deep Lines

Very deep wrinkles: furrows, folds

Teosyal Kiss

Lip contour and volume

Teosyal Ultra Deep

Facial volumes, very deep wrinkles in thick skin

Cost of treatment?

In the region of £350 per treatment syringe