Unison Cellulite Treatment

Unison Cellulite and Body Shaping Treatment


What causes cellulite:

The basic anatomical causes of cellulite are:

·         Increase in size of fat pockets just under the skin creating outward bulging

·         Aging skin becomes less elastic, decreasing the resistance to internal outward pressure of the fat

·         Connective strands in the dermal layer become rigid and twisted pulling down producing the dimple

·         Accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the dermal layer adds to the increase in volume bulging out

·         Poor blood flow


To achieve an improved appearance in the problem skin areas, the best cellulite treatment must address as many of the underlying causes as possible.  As cellulite is such a common problem, it represents a massive commercial concern, which is why the internet is awash with all types of weird and wonderful solutions.  We strongly recommended that you conduct some thorough research before committing to cellulite treatment, especially anything that involves “magical” potions or invasive surgery.

Treatment for Cellulite:

The Unison Treatment is a combined cellulite reduction treatment. It employs the clinically proven technologies of radio frequency and targeted pressure energy combined to address all the five causes of cellulite.  Both radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy is proven to increase the production of collagen, increasing the elasticity of the skin.

In many studies, radio frequency has been proven effective in cellulite treatment by producing a controlled tissue temperature elevation which increases the body’s production of collagen and elastin. It is this increase that increases the strength and elasticity of the skin.  By reducing the number of fatty deposits in the area, the pressure on the connective strands are released and the fibrous structures relax to reduce the tension creating the dimple.  he heat and shock wave applied in the cellulite-affected area for around 10 minutes increases microcirculation of the blood and removes some of the static lymph fluid from the area.

Will losing weight help my cellulite?

To answer this s question it would be good to understand the anatomy of cellulite. First of there is an interaction between the connective tissue in the deeper layer of the skin and the layer of the fat that is just below it. In women, the fat cells and connective tissue in this layer are arranged vertically (in men it has a crisscrossing pattern so they are less likely to suffer from cellulite). If fat cells protrude into the layer of the skin this gives appearance of an ‘orange skin’ otherwise knowns as cellulite. In theory losing weight may help the appearance of cellulite, however, cellulite usually appears on ‘stubborn’ areas where it is difficult to loose weigh such as outer thighs and buttocks. Cellulite specific treatments will be required.

What areas can I have treatment on?

The most popular body areas which we treat include areas such as the front of thighs, inner thighs buttocks and backs of thighs. The BTL Unison treatment is the only device available which targets 5 causes of cellulite, so you know that with Unison, you’re getting the most effective and reliable results.as can I have cellulite treatment on?

Does treatment hurt?

No, you will feel quite warm during treatment but can resume normal activities immediately after.  Each treatment takes approximately 20 – 45 mins